Thrillville: Off The Rails (XBOX 360)

Why do you never review kid’s games? I hear you ask.
See for yourself!

Thrillville: Off The Rails(LucasArts)

1/5 stars
Just for kids.
Game review by Graeme Strachan.
Published 07 December 2007

Ever wanted to manage a theme park? Manage costs, market rides and build a sprawling land of fun? You’d probably do best to avoid Thrillville in that case. If however you just want to build some amusement rides and then play on them all day, you could do a lot worse. By aiming the game at younger players, LucasArts have created a game that is simple enough for anyone, really just a bunch of mini-games that can be played by wandering around the park, riding the rides. Even the management sections and repairs are just small games unto themselves. The rest of your time can be spent chatting to the patrons and trying to make them like you. This means while under 12s will lap up the repetitive fun, older gamers will get bored with the lack of challenge. Just for kids.


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