Chegger’s Party Quiz (Wii)

It’s time to get down and silly with TV’s most cringe inducing celebrity.
Will I have to eat my own head in shame after playing this?
See for yourself in my review

Cheggers’ Party Quiz (Oxygen)

2/5 stars
Harmless madcappery.
Game review by Graeme Strachan.
Published 06 January 2008

Oh hurrah, oh happy day! Everyone’s favourite village-idiot celebrity presenter now has his own quiz game. In this inoffensive test of common knowledge, Keith Chegwin is rendered in full 3D computer graphics as some form of homunculus mannequin, giving instructions and taking quiz master duties, attired in an ill-fitting shirt and looking like the drunken post-pub audience whom this game is most likely aimed at. The questions are just a mix of simple ones based on random pop stars, TV shows and actors. With no option to change the difficulty, the game remains at a level designed to test even the most intelligent toddler, but no-one else. In fact the only option available is to choose the length of the quiz, depending on your tolerance for his grating chirpy voice. The ‘wacky’ CGI Cheggers and his intrusive and often utterly irrelevant comments aside, this actually makes for an enjoyable quiz game; with the Wii version standing out as players wave their Wiimote around in a bid to answer first. Certainly enough to keep you entertained after a night out on the tiles, and for obsessive fans of Chegwin’s harmless madcappery, it could be just up your street. Cheggers aside, the main problem is that there isn’t enough content here to warrant forking out on what is little more than a polished DVD-game with celebrity endorsement.


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