REALPLAY Puzzlesphere (PS2)

IN2Games continues their Wireless fun with this strange reverse-monkeyball game.
Is it good?
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Puzzlesphere (In2Games)

3/5 stars
Brilliantly addictive.
Game review by Graeme Strachan.
Published 06 January 2008

Combating the wireless inventiveness of the Nintendo Wii was never going to be easy. So it’s with a wry smile that I have to commend In2Games for making the only non-sport game in the REAL PLAY series, a reversed version of the Gamecube perennial Super Monkeyball. But instead of tilting the map, you hold a wireless sphere, which looks exactly like a Thermal Detonator; and every movement you make spins a silver ball around a series of perilous hazard courses. But it’s not for everyone; the controller is so sensitive it will irritate the living hell out of some people; one miscalculation and the Puzzlesphere will plummet to a crashing death – thoughtlessly looking at your watch can send the ball spinning off the top of a building. But with a little perseverance and practice, Puzzlesphere becomes a brilliantly addictive little game.


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