I tried out the wirelessly tastic Golf game from In2Games for The Skinny Magazine.
Read my review here.


4/5 stars
Game review by Graeme Strachan.
Published 05 February 2008

Let’s get something straight. I’m no Tiger Woods. I’m bad at Golf, on every level. So naturally the idea of playing it in secret, without having to sojourn into the vast green putting wastes only to embarrass myself, appeals. There are a fair few golfing games out there, but most can’t boast putting an actual swing into the gameplay. As part of the REALPLAY range, this comes with a wireless controller, in this case a midget golf club to swing around. Which apart from a sporadic failure to connect to the PS2 works really well. The controls are amazingly intuitive and with a little practice even a ten-thumb fool like me managed to chip my way out of sandpits and come in under par on most of the courses. Added to this a level of re-playability and it shapes up as one of the best golf games around.


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