Chunk Snowball (PC)

Christmas time!

Internet maniac Limmy and ChunkGames give us the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful winter’ evening outsid a Glasgow tenenment block.

Enjoy my review for SquareGo Magazine.

Chunk Snowball

Chunk Snowball

Snowball is one of those classics that makes the office rounds on e-mail some christmases. It’s been out a wee while now and it’s no surprise, considering the childish glee it sets off in anyone with a half purile sense of humour.

You can’t really go far wrong, pull back the glove with the mouse, aim it in a direction, and let loose. Whenever you hit a window you’ll get a torrent of abuse in (mainly) west coast Scottish accents.
What’s more, some of the windows are damn hard to hit, making it all the better when you finally clout a top corner and get threatened by some hysterical comment.

It won’t last you long, and you’re probably a bit wrong if you play it for more than 10 minutes but it makes for the kind of laugh that’s hard to beat, if only for a wee while once a year or so.

Play Chunk Snowball Here


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