Viva Caligula (PC)

Ancient Rome will bleed! At the hands of Viva Caligula from Adultswim.

read my gritty review over at SquareGo.

Viva Caligula!

Viva Caligula!

Ever gotten tired of seeing films like Gladiator and Rome, and just wanted to slaughter every toga wearing Latin-speaker in the whole damn place? Oh, just me then!

On offer to fans of bloodletting and deranged silliness is this Adult Swim flash-game that lets you take up the mad-foam encrusted mantle of Rome’s most notorious of psychotic delusionals, Gaius Caligula Caesar. Then spend your day running round seven different zones, each representing an area of Rome, killing anyone who crosses your path.

It’s an easy enough game to get to grips with, using the arrow keys to dash around the maps and the keyboard to select an a-z of collectable weapons. So hit a key and enjoy the fun of setting lions on people, skewering them with tridents, javelins, knives or using necromancy to bring their bloody corpses back to eat the living.
Even better, after you’ve laid waste to enough lepers, whores, druids and senators, you’ll enter BLOODLUST, where even more points are earned by the now exploding victims. To add even more lunacy to the fun, you can help Gaius reach Bloodlust mode by manically yelling into your microphone. And you’ll need to, as the higher your score, the more the Urbis Populae will attack you, reaching crazy levels of carnage after a few zones. It’s silly, bloody, adult fun, and by Caeser it’s a great way to vent your anger at the end of a hard day.

Play Viva Caligula Here



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