The last Stand (PC)

Zombies attack ad we defend in the free online flash game The Last Stand

I brave the apocalypse for SquareGo magazine.

The Last Stand

The Last Stand

It’s hardly unique premise, but stick with it; After the inevitable zombie apocalypse, you are left alone but thankfully have had the foresight to barricade yourself in a building with enough firepower to last the night. You’ll need it, as waves of shambling uglies come across the gloom to get you. During these night battles, a whole range of zombie types appear to test your defences, but that’s only half of the game.

During the day, you can select to devote time either to looking for survivors and weapons or repairing the damage to the barricades.  This daytime management makes for some dilemmas in the later stages, when you need to decide which is more important.  More guns and shooters? or stronger walls that don’t collapse?  The extra gunners might kep out a few more zombies but if the walls come down, you’re all toast.

The game lasts for 20 day-night cycles, with each night getting successively harder as more varied undead arrive, culminating in fully armoured zombie-soldiers.  To cope with this, the arsenal of weapons has everything from an Uzi to a sniper rifle, and of course the always efficient chainsaw (my favourite); for when the bads finally make it to the barricades.

Now lets face it, killing zombies has always been fun, and amongst the various zombie killer games around, few have taken such a measured approach to the genre. In all it’s a cracker of a game that you will want to come back to again.

Click here to play The Last Stand.


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