flOw – (PC)

We are a Plankton…..
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We are a plankton. We live in the sea. We eat and grow, eat and grow….
Amoeba-chomping in a microcosmic ocean. Its a simple yet addictive premise that sets up the game that was recently snapped up by Sony for both the PSP and PS3.  Yet the original (and free) flash game is still one of the most unique experiences around.

flOw is basic to look at in the extreme, youre a line-drawn microbe snake directed with mouse-clicks, with a mouth that can chomp the other tiny denizens of your watery depth to make you grow and evolve. In the course of your life, your creature can swim up and down between levels of depth by chowing down on red or blue planktons; but beware the deeper you go the bigger the beasties get.  Get too deep and the hulking leviathans that await you can be all too much for a tiny microbe, so shoot back up a few levels till you are big enough to take on the local heavyweights.  Keep this up and eventually you’ll evolve.

Theres enough to keep you entertained for a good chunk of time, listening to the gentle music, and the balletic sweeping movements of the tiny creatures are particularly easy on the eye. While its unlikely to keep you entranced for long peridos of time, flOw is more than enough to let you mellow out for a while and enjoy a quieter more simple pace of life.


Play flOw here


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