PDC World Championship Darts 2008 (All Format)

Darts, everyone line up to play darts!
What too busy drinking to play? how about you play it…at home on the console!
This semi-meta-stupid concept was offered me to review by the lads at Square Go.
Here are my beer-gut fuelled thinks.

PDC World Championship Darts

PDC World Championship Darts

It’s a given that most sport games are usually designed to allow normal people to live out the experiences of being an athletic skillful champion without ever having to leave the comfort of the sofa, let alone putting in hours of physical exercise and disciplined training. It’s strangely ironic then that some one would choose Darts as a game to recreate virtually; since the professional darts player often has the sort of physique and athleticism usually ascribed to gaming addicts and sumo wrestlers. Despite that, the resurgent popularity of darts amongst younger age groups make it far more likely that this game will find an audience amongst gamers than ever before.

In case you are unfamiliar with it the PDC or Professional Darts Corporation is a yearly tournament of the UK’s top pro-darts players. In the game you are given the choice of sixteen real players to compete with, each realistically modeled all their glory. There is also the option to create your own player, and craft every aspect, down to the last ounce of beergut, or scarier still make them a laydeee. Once in game you then get to see your chosen or created player walk up to the mark and in true bullseye style, watch their face in extreme close-up while you aim and let fly. All to the accompaniment of Sid Waddell who joyfully disparages your players every fluff in his own inimitable style.

The game itself is a simple enough darts simulator, you aim the point and then pull back to build up power, then flick forwards to release. Get close enough to the centre mark and you’ll be dead on, if your flick veers off to one side then so will the dart. If it’s a pressure shot, the controller vibrates and the on screen dart will shake about. With the accuracy and strength varying between characters the game never feels contrived or unfair. The same can’t be said of the AI opponents who get ridiculously good in the higher difficulties.

Besides the usual exhibition mode, which is your standard 301 point game, there’s a handful of other modes to play online or with your mates including a few trick games as well as the usual versus challenges. But they’re really just lip service to a game that ought to have held a good deal more content.

Understandably the PSP edition don’t look anywhere near as good as the 360 version, but seeing as it costs a lot less and still manages to be a fun darts game, it’s hard to look to badly on it. That said the release does suffer from coming 8 months after the PS2 and Wii versions. Sadly a 360 controller just can’t compete with the Wii-mote on this, and it’s an easy choice if you’ve got both systems, however there really isn’t a whole lot to recommend if you’re not a fan of darts, as there’s nothing on offer here that you can’t find at the local pub, or youth centre. Also for the price of the 360 edition you could buy your own dart board. Which means at best it’s a fun distraction


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