Singstar Volume 3 (PS3)

You Mother F**kers You Sing Something!

What is this? lots of karaoke madness from Sony? No surprise there then.
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Singstar Vol.3

Singstar Vol.3

The original incarnation of Singstar transformed the households of many simple folk into a cheap and simple karaoke den costing a fraction of the cost of a proper set-up.  It was the original popular drunken music party-game, long before it became socially acceptable to invite mates round to your house and thrash the night away in front of a console with some fake guitars. Every moment of the karaoke experience was captured in the game, even letting you connect a PS2 camera and watch yourself sing.

Now, it’s a given in the game industry that if something works, then it’ll get flogged like a dead horse until you can barely even recognise it as the piece of gaming brilliance that first reared it’s proud and shiny-maned head. Which is why it’s a relief to see that Singstar is still innovative, having finally reached the inevitable stomping grounds of the PS3 [Enough with the horse metaphors – Ed]. With this third incarnation of the game it’s clear that the marketing strategy behind them is to make sure every customer is catered for.

With the smattering of songs covering everything from Kate Bush’s warbling Babooshka to Fall Out Boy’s oft-mistaken Arms Race.  Surely enough to appeal to just about anyone who’ll pick up the game. from a little sister to dear old Gran. Luckily, the game is designed so you can not only download any tracks from the previous two volumes but you can still simply pop another Singstar volume in and run the tracks from that instead without leaving the game.

The experience itself hasn’t changed much from the original, you still sing the song trying to match the pitch bars on screen and accumulate points. Or just try vainly to sound something like the song, before playing back your hideous caterwauling and grimacing in horror as everyone else descends into hysterics; then upload it to the internet.  Yes, you see, now that the game is global, you can watch short segments of any other user’s uploaded music videos, or listen and rate their songs in full. Taking the party across the whole world.

Of course it’s still not perfect, as at its heart it’s still a karaoke game, and if you don’t like karaoke, then there just isn’t any point playing.  On top of that the gameplay has some issues.  It wants you to hit the right key, not the words or the notes, so singing the words properly will actually give you a worse score than just humming the tune. The three difficulty settings don’t make a lot of distinction here, as the humming technique still holds true on hard mode.

Still the interface is great and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this so fans of the genre should take a deep breath and get ready to sing their guts out.


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