You Have to Burn the Rope (PC)

What else can be done with a platformer?
I reviewed this comedy gem over at Square Go to find out.

You Have to Burn the Rope

You Have to Burn the Rope

There are some games that defy the usual expectations of the genre.  Taking the standard stylistic choices and turning them on their head to make an experience that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Obviously finding such a nugget of brilliance in the ever shifting miasma of the nettified-wimberflex can prove just as challenging these days. Which is why You Have to burn the Rope (or YHTBTR for short) is by far one of the best games to have emerged from the indie scene of flash gaming. Taking the age old perennial of the 2D platformer and distilling its brilliance into a cleverly encapsulating experience that’s not only a brilliant satire of the genre as a whole but also a thought-provoking attempt to make players question the meaning of why we play games.

Following the adventures of a small rotund Axe-weilding hero; who in what could possibly be an oblique reference to A Clockwork Orange, wears a Bowler Hat. The player has to pit his wits and skill agianst the dungeon of the mighty Grinning Colossus.

To tell more would be a terrible injustice to the game and ruin the brilliantly acerbic wit throughout this gem. But when you do play it, look out for clues, and if you succeed, then stay till the end of the credits. It’s worth it.

Check it out over at


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