Singstar Motown (PS3)

Karaoke! the joy of the masses strikes again.

This time in motown stylee, you can see my reveiw over at Square Go Magazine

Singstar Motown

Singstar Motown

Perhaps it seems like only last week that the previous Singstar game graced the shelves of your local games store; perhaps you’ve been hankering for the next set of songs, or are waiting on that particular release that will let you karaoke all night to your favourite genre of music.  Whatever the case, there seems to be no relenting in the Singstar titles being churned out. With such upcoming editions such as ‘Take That’ and ‘Latino’ it’s clear that we can probably expect a Singstar Flemish Folk Songs before the end of the decade.

The latest release in the cadre of singalong sets is this multiplatform release of Singstar Motown. Making a pleasant change from the usual pop cluster or a single band’s repertoir, here we are treated to a broadside of the classic sounds of Motown, mixing the poptastic Jackson 5 alongside the heady strains of Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross.  With thirty of the classics here to sing, it’s sure that Motown lovers will be well pleased with the set and if it’s missing a certain classic it can only be a matter of time before it pops up in the Singstore.

Considering that the Singstar format hasn’t really changed in the 5 years since the original PS2 title, it becomes increasingly difficult to say anything new on the subject. The basic format is the same, with the songs mapped well to singing ability (although you can still ace each track by whistling) and the ever present japery afforded by the chance to hear people embarras themselves online or see them prace about in videos singing along to The Supremes or the Commodores. It’s clear that there are some users who can’t wait to log into Singstar communities and see a Stormtrooper dancing to ‘Stop in the Name of Love’ but then again the Square Go staff don’t like to point the finger at one another.

To be frank, the only new addiiton to the world of Singstar which has occurred around this time has been the inclusion of a Voice-recognition system. Letting you navigate the menus by merely wailing the name of a particular song or artist into the mic with hopeless abandon.  It’s pretty accurate if you speak clearly but is prone to the odd mistake, opting to choose an option rather than give you an error more than half the time.  Still every little helps right?

As far as games releases go, This is up there with Guiter Hero 80s Edition.  If you love the period, it’s just the badgers ankle but for everyone else, you’re probably better off spending the cash and buying the songpacks you want from the Singstore.


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