Singstar – Take That (PS3)

Does anyone remember Take That? You know that boyband that robbie Williams was in? No
Robbie who? I’m not sure, times have moved on so they say.

Anyway The latest Singstar is filled with their music and I had to suffer it and now so do you.
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Singstar: Take That

Singstar: Take That

The first thing a reader should know is that this review has been written under protest. No joy was derived from the playing, singing and writing of it.  Not because of the quality of the game, but simply the reviewer’s personal opinion of the band in question. You see, the Singstar genre can be likened unto no other creature, with new versions cropping up every other month to provide the unsatiated with a karaoke version of their particular brand of musical preference that they can warble along with.

This time round the makers have continued in their Single-band release method; following up the Queen and ABBA releases with that perennial of teenage girl (and some older ones) pin-ups, Take That.

Yes, not content with causing mass hysteria amongst the young a decade ago, then resurging with a massive comeback recently, the pop foursome are expanding into the digital market with a singalong version.  You’ll notice that it’s only a foursome, because despite the existance of someone called Robbie Williams in the band at an earlier incarnation, the packaging and materials make it very plain that this is NEW Take That. So despite the alacritious appearances of Britain’s favourite Terrier-faced pop crooner in the older videos he isn’t back in the band.  Just Gary, Mark, Howard and the other one.

To make sure that no fan is left disappointed, the entire repertoire has been covered with the golden oldies such as ‘It Only Takes a Minute’ and ‘Back for Good‘ appearing in all of their poptastic glory along with newer releases such as ‘Patience‘, to keep the new fanbase happily entertained.

The rest is Singstar as usual, the game doesn’t deviate from the standard model of gameplay and the disc will happily sit in a collection of Singstar titles or will make a nice gift for the Take That enthusiast.  If you’re one of that particular slice of modernity who enjoys the warblings of Barlow et al, then this will be right up your street.  If not, then why did you keep reading till this point?


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