Tank-Tastic! (XBOX 360)

Tiny Tanks on desktops!  it’s like being a little boy again…. only different.

For good or ill, the boys at SquareGo asked me to review this XBLA title, you can read it here.



Ever used to play with toy army machines as a child? No? Are we that old? Even so, you have to love Tanks. As was once brilliantly said, they’re like Angry Houses. XBOX Live Arcade’s indie games section has now given the chance to live inside one, but without any of the messy or complicated business and for less money than a high-street Latte. Tank-Tastic!, the latest offering from OuchGames takes this fairly basic idea and follows in the mode of the old classic Micro Machines games bit letting you control a tiny tank, driving on ink-stained pads of notepaper on a desk.

It’s a simple shoot and move game, with one control-stick moving the little Tank, while a flick of the other shoots in any direction.  But to make matters worse the Tanks have a pretty slow rate of fire.  You can hammer out a shot every second or so, or wallop out three in rapid succession.

The game itself comes with both Single player and multiplayer modes, but it’s the multiplayer you’ll spend most of your time with.

The single player is a collection of 10 missions, which start off difficult and become infuriating as you have to fight off varyng amouts of enemies, capture a succession of flags or simply survive against legions of stationary, regenerating enemies bombarding you with missiles, and hordes of fast moving tanks trying to collide with you.

This gets really frustrating and could try the patience of Job as the majority of these levels are based on very little skill and purely on luck and good timing.

The multiplayer is where the majority of the fun comes into play. You and three mates can each grab a primary coloured whirring armoured cannon of doom and trubndle around the screen racking up kills and points until the time runs down or the points are maxxed out. There are a variety of modes to play, from capture the flag and straight deathmatches to other fun such as pass the parcel with a bomb.

The game also lets you play up to eight tanks by adding in another four AI players, in fact you can play all of the multi modes as a single player using all AI enemies, but this feels like cheating.

It’s a great laugh for the price and the amount of fun you’ll have on random evenings with friends, but people who have no friends should probably look elsewhere.


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