Lost Planet 2 (PS3)

I asked for a mission and for my sins they put me back among the Akrids.

Back on Lost Planet 2 by way of  SquareGo.

Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2

In the original Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions (LP:EC), the icy, insectoid-monster ridden planet of EDN III was the home to a brutal conflict between the forces of the colonisation Company NEVEC and the Snow Pirates who lived on the surface.  In the midst of the conflict an orphaned boy called Wayne Holden fought bravely to defeat both sides, a shedload of Akrids (giant insects) and begin the process of terraforming the ice-world into a habitable place.

Fast forwards ten years and Lost Planet², the inevitable sequel, sees the events of the first game have led to a full factional war breaking out, with the NEVEC troops and various flavours of Snow Pirates still battling it out between themselves for possesion of the now very unstable planet.  Yes, the icy wastes of LP:EC are still there, only they’ve now partially given way to jungles, forests, fields and the ever present industrial complexes that no game should be without.

As with any sequel, LP² takes the original premise, keeps what works and builds on it by expanding and modernising the format.  In this case, Capcom have taken a cue from the Left4Dead school of gaming, and followed the current trend of allowing four players to jump into single player campaigns and play them co-operatively. Of course those of you who have no mates can use the fairly decent computer AI to fill out the numbers of other players in your squad.

The game itself is a familiar run and gun lark with a third-person viewpoint. Of course there are the unique Lost Planet quirks, such as a grappling hook and the ability to turn at 90 degrees at the touch of a controller button. Both of which are essential to surviving the constant onslaughts and perils of EDN III. It’s a case of fire from all sides as enemy troops will open fire on you with rockets, shotguns and heavily armoured Mech-like vehicles called VS Suits.  Luckily there are no shortage of guns at your disposal, including the massive chainguns and plasma cannons which can be pulled from the wreckage of downed VS Suits.

Naturally this is all in addition to having to contend with the Akrids. In addition to the familiar Akrids from the original game, there are a variety of new breeds to exterminate, and they simply keep getting bigger as the game goes on. Each with large glowing weakpoints and limbs that regrow once blown off.  The larger types of these colossal bugs can even be entered and destroyed from within.

Much as with the first game there has been a definite attempt to make it appealing to both Japanese and western culture, hence the inclusion of mission scoring between levels, allowing the player to get points for upgrades. These can be spent on extra clothing styles, taunting gestures and even comedy items such as Lego heads and other fripperies. Mercifully these can only be used in the multiplayer mode. (which was at time of writing all but impossible to find a game on due to the lack of players see our preview here)

The main campaign covers six episodes, each focusing on a different faction and their part in the larger story. These episodes can each be hammered through in a couple of hours, making for a average to short length of game.

With the repeat fun that can be had playing through the campaign with friends, the multitude of training missions and the huge range of multiplayer modes, it’s hard not to recommend Lost Planet² to anyone who likes a good blast.


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