Hyper Button (XBOX 360)

Press the Hyper Button!

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Hyper Button

Hyper Button

The indie game is a strange and fickle beast. It’s a bit like going round to a friend’s garage after a drunken 3 AM phone call where he tells you he’s invented the greatest thing ever. You know you’re probably about to be confronted with anything from a frozen turd on a string, to a complex new extreme sport involving burning wheelie bins and a Nissan Micra.

Red Crest’s Hyper Button falls into the lighter and more predictable end of that spectrum, opting to give the player a series of jolly tasks. The game is really a series of uninterruptable quick-time puzzles. Each asking the player to hit either one, or a series of the coloured controller buttons to complete one of the 12 scenarios.

Whether it’s outdrawing a cowboy or making a train run by hitting all of the wheels in order, the game rates you on speed, accuracy and allots some points. Complete the 12 games and you get added to the scoreboard.

Couldn’t be simpler and for an indie title like this, for only a handful of Microsoft Points, you wouldn’t expect much more. However, it would have been nice to be able to individually practice or select the challenges on their own, as some of them happen so suddenly that on the first few plays you aren’t exactly sure what to do.

In the end, you get what you’d expect and it’s a nicely polished experience with some repetitive (yet not irritating) music that varies nicely throughout the challenges.

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