101 Games in 1 (Android)

101 games in 1?  Surely this is madness, the product of a deranged mind? or a very bored programmer?

Take a guess, or better still read the review I did for SquareGo Magazine

101 in 1 Games

101 in 1 Games

What’s better than a little pastime game on your Android phone? How about 101 games? Truly a princely sum of app-based entertainment! What’s more, this little extravaganza is currently available on the Android Marketplace completely gratis! What bounty! What joy! But wait! How can this be? Is this the same sort of game that Nordcurrent released in similar fashion on the Wii and the Nintendo DS?

What isn’t immediately clear is the massively convoluted way in which these many games are delivered. Instead of getting the whole sheboodle at once, the player is only given an initial dozen to play and through completing those and earning points, more can be unlocked.

The variety is certainly varied and interesting with the sort of games range from throwing darts, playing hoopla and tossing eggs into the correctly coloured nests, to the far more esoteric of strange tasks such as attempting to guide a skydiver through magically floating rings, or spearing sushi rolls against the clock. Each game is controlled with small flicks of the finger on the touchscreen to move the significant object involved. Usually a cartoonish but not unpleasantly colourful little game that does some credit to the designers.

When working properly, the games run smoothly and easily leading to a measure of entertainment whilst playing. Sadly this isn’t usually the case. The majority of the games are set against a timer of a few minutes, which is usually just enough to work around the fairly shoddy detection of what your hand is doing, and almost get a halfway embarrassing score. Only to be confronted with a screen telling you how much more you need to score to get more ‘unlocks’. That wouldn’t be a problem, if the game didn’t immediately drop back to the main menu, forcing you to plug through an instruction screen before you can re-attempt the challenge. To add insult to injury, there are frequent pop-ups after failed attempts offering myriad points if the player consents to download some advertised free app.

The main trouble with 101 Games in 1 is that the games are dull, and unless you were a child, or somehow couldn’t download any other games, then it’s unclear why anyone would bother persevering with it in the face of the variety of other free titles on the Marketplace.


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