Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC (360)

Adam jensen is having a bad three days…

Yes the inevitable DLC for Deus Ex has appeared and I have waded into it.

Please read my review as originally published for SquareGo.

Full text below the cut:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC

Adam Jensen is having a bad day and it’s going to be the first of three. How do we know this?  Because, as anyone who played Deus Ex: Human Revolution knows, after breaking into the Belltower ship there were 3 days of radio silence from Jensen. The Missing Link, takes place during those missing hours, which shows that a lot more happened to Jensen during that time than the comfy stasis-pod snooze we were led to believe he had enjoyed.

This is oddly enough, the first and most nagging problem with The Missing Link (TML) as there is a definite feeling of discontinuity throughout it. Because the original game left that scene deliberately ambiguous, it is plausible that something occurred, however issues arise when Jensen starts to learn intel that contradicts and clashes with what he knew at that stage in the original game.

So we enter the plot as our artificially enhanced hero is having his fleshier parts pounded by a pair of angry Belltower commanders who then strap him to an EMP chair which resets his AUGS back to factory settings, removing all your hard work and putting him at something of an inconvenience.  A quick jailbreak later and he’s roaming the ship, all bloody torso in the moonlight, business as usual. With naught but a strange distorted voice on his intercom giving him advice.

Being as Adam has had his augs reset, this does give the opportunity to try out new things in this playground and mercifully, the boss fight in this DLC comes with a vastly more open-ended style, allowing players to stay in character and not simply shoot and murder their way to victory.

While having a distinct plot of it’s own; complete with nazi-esque human experiments, poor unfortunates who need rescuing from a horrid fate and a bit of double-crossing and power struggles in which Jensen gets awkwardly embroiled, TML just doesn’t feel whole. All of the prerequisite aspects are there, cohesive story, plausible universe characters and the mix of action, stealth and hacking but the overall effort feels rushed and again incomplete. It reminds heavily of the stand-alone mission demos which used to come out for games back in the early 2000s. In fact had this been released before Deus Ex as a demo, it would have made more sense. Instead it’s a nice story, which fills a narrative gap enjoyably yet unnecessarily.

If you’re in the mood for more Deus Ex and have already played the original game to death, then this will give you a few more hours of good solid fun. It’s a good pack and has something to add but don’t expect any revelations here.


Graeme Strachan


2 thoughts on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC (360)

  1. AgentGmanV01

    I downloaded this and it won’t show up in the game title, what the hell is going on I feel like I just got ripped off and for 1200 points that’s a lot. Usually Xbox live is trust worthy but this has shaken my trust in this setup.

    1. I see you’re issue here. The missing Link part of the game is hidden in the menus in a startlingly un-obvious place.
      From the title menu, go down to “downloadable content” and access it from there.

      If you can’t find that, ensure you’ve updated to the latest patch (PC) or updates on PS3 or X360.
      Failing that, are you playing a region 1 disc in a region 2 zone? That can cause issues.

      Hope that sorts you out.

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