Move: Fitness (PS3)

I jump, I punch, I EXERCISE!  All in the name of gaming. All for SquareGo.
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Move: Fitness



Move: Fitness

Gamers eh? Bunch of lazy, armchair dwelling couch potatoes, who wouldn’t get off their bums even if a lion was chasing them. Right? Well as the hefty sales of Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Move, the cross platform Zumba games and the physical needs of the Kinect system, it seems like everyone wants to transform their games device into a one stop electronic gymnasium. Now this is nothing now, the Wii Balance board has been the family exercise toy of choice now for several years, however it’s Sony, a little late to this party, but in fine form nevertheless who have turned up with Move: Fitness; a training program designed to make use of the PS Move in a fat crunching, calorie burning new way.

First off the bat, this is not a game. It may use a game engine and fancy graphics, but if ever there was an argument for a 2nd person gaming experience this is it. To begin with, the opening screen allows you to select, not an avatar, but a personal trainer. Because the well-toned and friendly persona who will appear most during the game is in fact a fitness coach which you can select from a choice of four multi-ethnic varieties. Whether you’d rather build up a sweat being encouraged by a petite blond beauty or a tall, bald black Adonis, it’s entirely up to you. Sadly there was no ugly fat bloke option, or the horror of the real gym experience could have been made manifest.

Into the program itself and you’ve a few scant and bare menus with fairly monotonous music facing you. From here you can choose to set up a workout program or choose individual exercises. Note to the wise, start out small. After a quick play through of the Stress Relief Workout I was left in a state of near physical collapse, having had to box a dummy, attack waves of Frisbees with a pair of Samurai Swords and punch my way through wooden screen doors to name but a few. Yet, while there are a vast variety of exercises, there are bizarrely no hints or instructions as to how a player should get better at the individual movements and techniques.

However, if you’re unlucky enough not to have taken literally the little sticker on the front, which shows an Eye-toy and a pair of Move controllers, you’ll be a tiny bit scuppered when you boot up Fitness and find the game won’t even start unless you have two controllers. There is absolutely no provision made for single controller play. So unless you’ve stumped up for a second one, or have a friend to beg/borrow/steal from, then don’t even think about it. Luckily, the low price means that the money you save will go some ways towards the price of a new Move, which is nice as it’s a change to see a title that doesn’t break the bank unnecessarily.


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