Police Force (PC)

Cops….. hum that theme tune! ok don’t.

Having never wanted to be a policeman, I thought it made sense to simulate the idea for SquareGo.

Police Force
Developed by Astrogon
Published by Excalibur


It hadn’t been all that long since tough and rugged PC Biff McTurk and his partner Maisie Boncetop set to work on their first days on the force. Put on an everyday patrol, they’d calmly walked the streets of the nameless European city. A city where the accents are cockney, the names are Austrian and the licence plates seemed mysteriously German.  But now, sitting in their patrol car on the corner of a busy street with cars sporadically passing by, they would muse upon the nature of their work.

Having already found the four cars set out to work in that morning, withstill a lengthy 25 minutes still to go. Of course Biff and Maisie could wander aimlessly around the streets; craftily scanning every passer by with the terrifyingly space age PDA that instantly identified each person, or look for badly parked cars to have towed away. They could, but what’s the point? Eventually something will happen and the shift would drag on until it was done so they wait. How did it come to this?

Avoiding Temptation Is Sometimes Too Much

It had begun fairly simply, a new job, an attractive if silent working partner, and a beautiful city to stay in. Yet so quickly the fatigue had set in. Each day the same routine, at first fun, find some illegally parked cars. An easy job, especially after Biff and Maisie had realised that no-one seemed to mind who they arrested, be they criminal or not, and in those first few shifts they had some fun with that.  Those first shifts went easily, if repetitively, and the city seemed all the better for it. It was only when five minutes were left in a shift and Biff accidentally hit a pedestrian with thesquad car that the cracks began to emerge. They were sent on the same shift again, another 30 minutes of dull daywork and then another with a further menial task needing done.

As he looked out over his domain; Biff wept for there were no more cars to impound

And so it went… and so it went. Yet no great reprieve ever came. The monotony remained, with too little police work of interest to do and only one bar, with it’s constant dance floor of five ever gyrating people, in this area of the city. It just seemed pointless. Perhaps it was the way in which every time they were allocated a task the car’s automap located the exact location for to find the perp, something they hadn’t noticed at first. No need to really look too far, the average case taking only a minute or two, then back to the dragging boredom. Sure their superiors had promised that there would be better cases if they stuck at it but sitting with the car on the pavement of a junction, it was as clear to Biff and Maisie as anyone. There was no need for them to be wasting their time in this role. So they turned away from the job, left the admittedly pretty city, the nicely handling car and the protection of civil liberties to find something better to do, and so should you.


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