About The Reviewist

Who am I?

I’m The Reviewist, a moderately egotistical writer and critic hailing from the craggy steps of citified Scotland.

After several years reading Classics at Edinburgh I stepped into the real world and decided that I didn’t like it and would tell everyone.

For over seven years I’ve been a Theatre Critic, and a hard working Videogames Journalist for half a decade. Occasionally I step into other fields and pride myself upon my unwillingness to capitulate to pressures or trends and always call it how I think it is. If I see a Spade, then I’ll call it as I see it.

I freelance for various publications and have spent a significant portion of my waking life glued to a screen playing one videogame or another.  This is the page where you’ll find my games writing, links to my articles and full texts of works from now defunct websites and paper-form publications.

Usually it’s a spade.

…Graeme Strachan


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