Why Dragon’s Age 2 is great, and you are probably wrong about it

A few weeks ago I took my final steps from the soaring stone city of Kirkwall. From the towering heights of the Gallows and Chantry, adorned with giant bronze figures and fluttering banners, to the dingiest depths and recesses of Darktown, where the thieves and cut-throats hid amidst the filth and refuse.
I’d spent a long time there; either 60 hours, or 6 years, depending how you looked at it. In that time it had become my home, a noose around my neck, a place of bitter sadness and even a few scant moments of jolly fun.

In short, I had completed the much maligned game that is Dragon Age 2. An experience that I enjoyed far more than I did the first game, and one that it seems the average Joe & Jane gamers disliked intently. On that account, I’d like to redress the balance a little by putting forth a few thoughts on why Dragon Age 2 is well worth your time, and in fact might actually be the best game idea that Bioware have ever conceived.
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All Hail the New Chief! same as the old chief…

And to Glorious Acclaim! The heads of mighty Rockstar Games doth bequeath to us lowly types news of the resplendant return of yet another implementation in the Grand Theft Auto series,  this 8th (or 9th)? offering is GTA V. and with no real news to give us, they instead offer up an advert to an initial trailer!!


A trailer.

One which will probably show no game footage and will be about as helpful in letting people know what to expect as a video of a monkey scratching it’s bum.  No really, wait and see.

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