I AM LEVEL (Android)

iamleveltitle-300x225Remember the old days, the days when the old 32 and 64 bit computers ruled the world?  The days of only having a few colours and bloopy sound effects to render everything from Flight sims to Bubble creatures into existence?


Still, in the interests of helping show how the world can learn from the past, I review I AM Level, for SquareGo
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The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief – Chapter 1 (PC)

What’s this? A mystery afoot? raven

There’s been murder, thievery, and deception!
The only man who can save the day is a mild mannered Belgian cop, close to retirement?
To confront these strange going on, I take a look at the new adventure title from Nordic Games, and try to get to the bottom of a string of enigmas.

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The Walking Dead – 400 Days (PC)

400Zombies, zombies, zombies. The folks at SquareGo have asked me to spend even more time with zombies.

To which I happily obliged, as the Walking Dead DLC pack from Telltale games is something I’ve been feverously anticipating.

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Spartacus Legends – (Xbox 360)

urlGladiators, ready!

Like many men of my age and demographic, I am aware of the bloody and raunchy TV series that is Spartacus. One of the bravest tales of courage under adversity ever told, reduced largely to a weekly fest of swearing, blood, and naked sweaty men clutching at naked sweaty men in the sand, or naked sweaty women in the bedsheets.

Luckily, for our stomachs and sanity, the video game adaptation of the series concentrates on the former.

SquareGo got me to play it, and play it hard. Read my review over there, or below the cut in full.

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Fable: The Journey (Xbox 360)

fablethejounreySquareGo asked me to go on a Journey, and for my sins I went.  No, not that sort of journey, the one with the scarves and the sand, that’s been done.
This was a Journey into Fable, the Fable game series to be precise. and witht eh help of Kinect, it’d be a hand and voice activated journey.

Was it a Feeble Fable or a Fabulous Fable?  Read the review here, or the full text below the cut.

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Papers, Please – Hands on Preview

steamworkshop_collection_138290904_collection_branding“Comerade!  Glorious republic of Arstotzka require that you preview new game from Lucas Pope, to be released on personal computer as simulation game.”

“Jah comerade! I will do this. For glory of SquareGo and Arstotzka!”

Preview below the cut or click here comerade for glorious link to original post on SquareGo.

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